Ample IT offers a comprehensive strategy for maintaining auditable business processes, financial transparency, and operational control in your SAP system. Our SAP security resources have extensive knowledge and in depth understanding of regulatory mandates. We are adept at gap analysis and remediaton preparation,  Object level analysis of SOD,managing complex documentation, testing, mitigation and sign off procedures associated to ensure continuous compliance enabling high governance standards and reducing IT and audit costs. Our audit services include

  • Perform Gap Analysis 

  • Process Improvement - Process level remediation

  • Identification of SOD conflicts 

  • Risk Mitigation 

  • Deploy, Configure and Integrate SAP GRC tools 

  • Customize standard rule matrix per client needs 

  • Design Firefighting strategies  

  • Prepare SAP system for internal and external audits 

  • Communicate accurate and relevant information to the Management for continuous Compliance 

  • Role Redesign if deemed necessary 

  • Configure Risk termination mechanisms into the authorization design and architecture.