S'AMPLE' is the full engagement cycle for SAP hosting and security developed by Ample IT. All the experience and skill of our CERTIFIED resources, gathered over the years with involvement in numerous implementations and SAP support operations across the globe, has contributed to the developement of S'AMPLE'. The core principles driving the process are summarized below

We work with you, your project will always be owned and controlled by you. Your in depth understanding of your business operations and processes will drive the project. Our highly knowledgeable and skilled resources will guide and assist you to achieve all the goals in every stage of your implementation cycle. We believe that collaboration is the cornerstone for success in all intellectual endeavors. 

We believe in planning, planning well and implementing our plans. At the same time we are open to the idea that some of the best laid plans can go wrong. Our business blueprint reflects this principle - Focus on project goals, optimize resource utilization and make contingency plans but never lose focus on the long term interests of the client.

We understand our strengths and work hard to sustain them. We expect and require knowledge of a very high quality from our resources. Adapting and excelling in new technologies is a way of life for us, it is our commitment to our clients and an important aspect of our customer care.

We adhere to the core principles elaborted in S'AMPLE' for all our service offerings. Ample IT assumes complete and total responsibility of the SAP landscape maintenance and at the same time, trains the client resources in basis operations and security processes thus making the client self sufficient.

If you already have an implementation partner, then why have a separate partner for  hosting and security...? We at Ample IT believe that implementations can head in the wrong direction when an implementation partner serves its own interests at the expense of the client. We believe that Segregation of Duties not only helps the client stay in control of the project but also establishes and promotes a strict work ethic, so vital for success in complex implementations and support operations.

Why Ample IT...? Ample IT provides the services of Senior SAP Basis experts well versed in Netweaver architecture, SSO configuration, Upgrades, Service Pack installs, CTS, Client Administration, Backup recovery, OSS among other general basis administration tasks. Our SAP Security resources are the very best in the industry today with cross system knowledge across every domain in SAP. Every new implementation comes with a new set of complexities and unique challenges -Challenges that can be achieved by a creative and knowledgeable team that never loses focus,that is willing to learn and share, and can debate and discuss to find the right solution. Ample IT offers you just that.

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